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The Plight of the Song Dogs

What dogs? “Song” dogs? you may ask. Unless you’re quite fond of them, you may not know that this is a term of endearment for coyotes. In general, they’re not very popular and quite a number of people call them … Continue reading

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New Mexico’s Gorgeous Fall Colors

Fall would be my favorite season if it wasn’t for the fact that winter is just around the corner, which here in northern New Mexico means that temperatures can drop into single digits; snow can fall in May; and spring … Continue reading

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Faded Beauties

It’s customary in New Mexico to keep old, almost dead, cars somewhere around the house. One never knows when one might need a spare part for the currently working car, or when one has to start the old clunker in … Continue reading

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Abiquiu Lake

It takes me 15 minutes to drive to the Lake. As soon as the days are warm and there is no more chance of a night frost — usually between May and October — it’s ideal for swimming and kayaking. … Continue reading

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Summer, with monsoon rains

Here in New Mexico this means that one doesn’t have to water the garden any more, everything turns lush and green, and the air is humid. However, due to the high altitude (I’m almost 7000 ft. above sea level) it … Continue reading

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Crazy weather

I moved to New Mexico from Berkeley/California, where the temperature difference between summer and winter, day and night was negligible, compared to here. Last Sunday it was about 75 degrees and I was walking around in a tank top and … Continue reading

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My neighbor, the supervolcano

A short while ago, I moved from Abiquiu to Arroyo del Agua near Coyote, an area which long-time locals call northern New Mexico’s most beautiful spot. Almost 7,000 feet high, it is surrounded by the Santa Fe National Forest and … Continue reading

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