New Mexico’s Gorgeous Fall Colors

Fall would be my favorite season if it wasn’t for the fact that winter is just around the corner, which here in northern New Mexico means that temperatures can drop into single digits; snow can fall in May; and spring is often skipped altogether. One day it’s still freezing cold, and the next day it’s summer with temperatures in the 70s. I’m not kidding. And yet, the parade of orange, yellow, gold, rust, and many shades of brown in October is so spectacular, it almost makes up for the icy cold that follows!

Up in the Santa Fe Ski Area, the dark evergreens really let the golden Aspen trees shine.

This was taken on the Aspen Vista Trail in Santa Fe,

and this view is close to where I live, in Coyote/NM.

I love the creamy gold of the leaves against the bluish-grey sky!

The three pictures above show the view right outside of my house.

From the parking lot of the Abiquiu Inn.

The National Forest all around Coyote.

Oh, one other thing I love about fall — the wild turkeys are back, about 40 or 50 of them, right in the meadow below my house. They are shy and startle easily, but once they’re used to me walking around, they don’t fly away any more. Even my dogs don’t bother them! Maybe it IS my favorite season, after all…


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2 Responses to New Mexico’s Gorgeous Fall Colors

  1. David says:

    Very beautiful photos of fall. Especially like your two collages.

    Our seasons run the same here in Colorado. Cold one day, summer the next. Certainly keeps us on our toes.

    • artnexus says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I thought I had answered your comment, but just noticed that it looks like I did not — some glitch in cyberspace; hope you didn’t think I’m rude :). It’s REALLY cold here right now — 6F last night — but I’m sure you know that, too!

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