WikiLeaks support

An interesting YouTube video:

Here is the link to WL Central, “An unofficial WikiLeaks information resource”. They list the dates and locations for numerous support rallies being planned all over the world. Also, they constantly update their “news” page with the latest interviews, articles, comments from a vast pool of media sources. There is mention f.e. of Brazilian President Inácio Lula da Silva who expressed solidarity with Julian Assange, and of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who said, on Thursday, that the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange showed the West was hypocritical in its criticism of Russia’s record on democracy, according to Reuters.

What I didn’t see is any information about Julian Assange’s whereabouts and well-being. He’s locked up in some prison, which conjures up sinister images of the Tower of London, infamous for torture and executions. While it’s unlikely that he’s incarcerated there, one wonders: does he have access to his lawyers? Can he receive visitors? And — is he being treated reasonably well?


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