My cousin Bonnie

She’s not even a year old, but my look-alike Bonnie has already made it through at least four different homes. The first one, she ran away from — barely three months old. No idea where she thought she was heading to, but she was running around on this busy street; maybe she wanted to hitch a ride, more likely she was getting herself run over by a car in no time. Well, a kind soul took pity on her and took her in, after many fruitless attempts to find her owners.

Like many homeless creatures, Bonnie had to live in a car for a while. Only for a short while though, until her rescuers found what seemed like the perfect home for her. This person had a Best Friend and she was looking for a companion for him. Seemed like the perfect deal; Bonnie went to check it out, got along fabulously with the dog and was hoping to become the other Best Friend, and everything was going just fine for about a month, until the person decided she’d rather have a brown dog. Maybe Bonnie didn’t match the furniture. But back she was, homeless once more…

Me and my big sister Mieze

Change, adventure, excitement — maybe some creatures actually like this. Me, not so much. At the tender age of eight weeks, some cruel person tore me away from my Mom and my brothers and sisters and dumped me in this vast empty lot. Luckily, my pitiful cries alerted the right person and ever since then the adventures in my life are restricted to the fun variety. My sister Mieze taught me all kinds of useful stuff, how to escape for example. We used to live in a house with a fence around, and you should have seen her jumping over it, no matter how high our human would build it. Me, I was too small for this, so I wriggled through the space underneath the gate and I got out too. Lots if fun.

These days, I love to dress up — like a cow, for example.
I bet you can’t tell which one is me!

Oh yes, about Bonnie. They even tried to add her to our family, but me and my sister Mieze soon made it very clear that we didn’t want any newcomers, no way. What really got on my nerves was that everybody always said how much she looked like me. “It’s amazing! She looks just like Stella!” Again and again. Now you have to know that I’m also known as Stella-Bella, and not without reason. I AM rather pretty, if I may say so. Can you imagine Natalie Portman or Angelina Jolie — not that I care much for them, but I’m making a point here — if people would say that so-and-so looked just like them? Don’t you think they’d be a bit miffed? Well, there you go.

Stella and MiezeUh, back to Bonnie. I have nothing against her (as long as she doesn’t move in with us) and I do wish her well, really.

My cousin Bonnie

So I was glad to hear that she’s become the Best Friend of a young couple who don’t have any kids and who pamper and adore her. Let’s hope she’ll go with their interior decorating! Actually, they’re Russians; maybe she’ll learn to bark in a foreign language! Sounds like fun; I still can’t say “Moo”, and I have no idea what it means…


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2 Responses to My cousin Bonnie

  1. artnexus says:

    Thanks Auntie Zoe, you’re always the best!
    Love – Stella

  2. aunt Zoe says:

    ha ha .. I sure miss you Stella and your sister Mietze too .. you be good 😉

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