After a lengthy hiatus, I’m finally back at the keyboard. The plan was to focus on a few topics, or even just one — photography, for example. But there’s no way I can pull this off, I’m interested in too much stuff. So, I’ll continue with the themes I’ve been writing about earlier; art, environmental issues, thoughts about politics, movie reviews, vegan recipes, and photography of course — or rather, photographs; from hikes and travels, my surroundings, pets, and whatever else catches my attention.

The new banner comes from a photo from Chaco Canyon, or, as it’s officially called, Chaco Culture National Historical Park — one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Situated in a remote corner of northwestern New Mexico, it was a busy trading center and cultural hub from about 850 to 1250 AD. Its massive stone buildings remained the largest structures in North America until the 19th century. A continuous drought which lasted over 50 years is thought to have been responsible for the eventual abandonment of the site.

Here are some photos:

Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon


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