The Angry Mermaid Award

While the little video is a bit cheesy and simplistic, the intention of the producers is indeed laudable: to bring awareness to the fact that giant corporations hide behind a facade of being concerned about the environment. The most unbelievably outrageous case I’ve seen recently is mentioned in the New York Times on November 25: Michael Mack, CEO of Swiss agribusiness giant Syngenta, claimed in an interview that compared to pesticides and genetically engineered seeds, “organic food is not only not better for the planet. It is categorically worse.” He also said the federal government has given its seal of approval to pesticides, which according to him “have been proven safe and effective and absolutely not harmful to the environment or to humans.” And — get this — he stated that if consumers do not believe that pesticides are safe then they do not trust their government, according to NYT. “Once you go down that path, I don’t know where the guard rails are,” he said, according to the Times.

Although Syngenta isn’t on the list of corporations that are doing the most to sabotage effective action on climate change, it’s still worthwhile to cast your vote for the Angry Mermaid Award. First, watch the video:

and then go to the website Angry Mermaid Award, read about their eight nominees, and choose the one who you think is the most culpable when it comes to blocking effective action to stem climate change.


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