Movies to watch: 2. Slim Susie (Smala Sussie)

This is a witty, fast-paced, quirky dark comedy from Sweden, directed by Ulf Malmros. Erik (Jonas Rimeika), who had escaped the monotony and oppression of his provincial home town by moving to Stockholm a few years back, returns to look for his missing sister. He discovers that underneath the bourgeois facade the town is anything but normal: his former friends and schoolmates have cultivated their individual eccentricities to a degree bordering on caricature; the local video store owner supplies the town with hard drugs; the lone cop is both corrupt and melancholic; a nurse working at the nursing home embezzles money. And his sister Susie (Tuva Novotny, in a sensitive and sweet performance) isn’t how Erik remembers her, either — in clever flashbacks, we learn of an aimless, troubled existence.

Actually, the story line shouldn’t be taken too seriously — it’s pure pulp fiction, and some critics have compared Slim Susie to the Tarantino movie (which actually has a funny part in this one). I don’t quite agree, because it doesn’t display the over-the-top violence of Pulp Fiction and is more wacky. I would compare it to early Tom Tykwer films such as Run Lola Run. But Slim Susie can stand on its own — a great soundtrack, quite clever and funny script, an interesting bunch of oddball characters guarantee an entertaining one and a half hours.


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