Mes héros…

asterix-obelixSome men don’t age at all. Asterix and Obelix, famous French comic book heroes, celebrate their 50th birthday on October 29, and they don’t look a day older than when they first made their appearance on the pages of the French magazine Pilote. Considering their diet, which consists mainly of roasted wild boar, this is quite surprising. Maybe fighting the Romans, their fierce sense of independence, and countless adventures which took them to the furthest corners of the earth, all contributed to keeping them young.

France is preparing an enormous birthday-bash: Asterix gets his own postal stamp, the French air force is producing a video in which airplanes will draw an Asterix head in the sky, and some events will take place in the region of Brittany, where several villages claim to be Asterix’s home.

Plus, Volume 34, Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday — the Golden Book, was published on October 22 and is expected to add several millions to the 325 million copies of their comic books already sold world wide.

Bonne anniversaire, les gars; wish I could be there!


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  1. wonderful stuff thanx

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