Global Day of Action for Troy Davis

I’ve written several times about Troy Davis, and it’s always the same story: he is an almost certainly innocent man on death row, the day of his execution approaches rapidly, and a last-minute stay because of some appeal his lawyers (and millions of people all over the world) presented to the Georgia High Court brings some reprieve. Just imagine living through something like that not once, but a number of times. What Troy Davis and his lawyers are asking for, is an evidentiary hearing which would allow the witnesses to be heard and examined in a court of law — almost all of them claim to have testified against him because of police pressure and intimidation. Almost all of them have recanted their former statements. However, restrictions on Federal appeals have prevented Troy Davis from having a hearing in federal court on the reliability of the witness testimony used against him.

Amnesty International is organizing a global action day for Troy. Please read more about his case, and join if you have time.


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