No, thanks to Turkey Day

So, everybody is going on and on about Sarah Palin rattling off her usual gibberish while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background. Keith Olbermann, Huff Post, countless blogs — they’re all shocked at her callous insensitivity. Hello? I bet many of these indignant people will happily sit down to a roasted, stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving, pass the gravy, please. And since these birds don’t grow on trees, they’ll have to be, uhmm, killed. The way it’s done in the video, behind Palin, is the more ‘humane’ method practiced at organic farms; if this made you woozy and lightheaded, better not look at pictures from more common factory farms. Relatively few of the give-or-take 45 million turkeys consumed on Thanksgiving Day come from organic farms. Learn more at the Farmed Animal Watch site.

I don’t think many of the – what – 90 million? 180 million? (depending on how many people share one bird) Thanksgiving turkey eaters are necessarily mean and cruel, aware of but unaffected by the immense suffering involved. Rather, they’re ignorant. Ignorant of the fact that part of the beak and two toes on each foot of a baby chick are cut off, without anesthesia. Ignorant of genetic manipulation which makes the birds grow faster and develop more white meat, resulting in bones too weak to carry the weight of a grown tom — his legs and feet are crippled, and he can’t stand properly. Ignorant of genetic manipulation creating white feathers, so that the skin doesn’t have “unsightly” blotches. If this sounds like polemic info from a PETA site, please check for yourself at eat

People don’t know that laying turkey hens are artificially inseminated and lay eggs in an artificially lit environment for about 25 weeks, and then are “processed” — an industry euphemism for “killed”. And if you think that your “free range” dinner had a better, cruelty-free life, please check the Farm Sanctuary’s Truth Behind Free-Range and Organic Turkey page. And then you can make an informed decision.

And to put yourself into some turkeys’ shoes, watch this Saturday Night Live video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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