Remember Troy Davis?

Last year, Troy Davis came within 24 hours of execution when he received a temporary stay. He has been on Death Row for over 15 years, accused of killing Police Officer Mark Allen McPhail in Georgia. His conviction was based solely on eyewitness accounts from people who claimed to have seen Davis, then 20 years old. No murder weapon was ever found, no physical evidence linked him to the crime, seven out of nine eyewitnesses have recanted their stories, and there are accusations of police intimidation of witnesses.

However, in March of 2008 the Georgia Supreme Court denied him a new trial. Troy’s sister, Martina Correia, explains in an interview with Julien Ball, of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, why the Georgia Supreme Court ruled 4-3 against a new trial: “[This was] not based on the merits of the case, but based on a technicality. The judges that ruled against him said recanted testimony does not carry as much weight as trial testimony”. As she points out, though, “They can be tried for perjury and get a life sentence. So why would anyone say recanted testimony isn’t as important?” The stupidity of the Court’s reasoning would be laughable if it wouldn’t be the death sentence for an almost certainly innocent man.

Comments from a friend:
“I think the cops who coerced the false testimony should be tried for attempted murder.
Not letting an execution be considered scheduled until 48 hours before execution is a form of torture”.

Please sign the petitions:

Amnesty International
American Civil Liberties Union


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