Palin, the Trojan moose

Arianna Huffington hits the moose’s — sorry, bull’s eye when she declares that Palin is a smoke screen, a Wizard-of-Oz display set up to divert attention from the real issues caused by eight years of disastrous, destructive, crazy policies. The Republican Party and the Bush Administration are responsible for “the highest unemployment rate in five years… The bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… The suicide bombing yesterday in Iraq that killed six people and wounded 54 — in the same market where last month a bomb killed 28 people and wounded 72… [the fact] that the political reconciliation that was supposedly the point of “the surge” is nowhere near happening… [the fact that] Iraq’s Shiite government is now rounding up the American-backed Sunni leaders of the Awakening… the reason [that] 8,000 soldiers may be leaving Iraq soon is so more can be deployed to Afghanistan where the Taliban is steadily retaking the country”. But that’s not what people are talking about. Guided by corporate media, they take note of Sarah Palin’s glasses, her hair-do, and her irresistible nasty character. “McCain’s team, in an effort to distract, is going to keep doing what they’re doing — diverting voters and the media with a tantalizing combination of personal trivia and small lies” (read the whole article). Let’s hope people will start looking behind the curtain.


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