Tell me it’s a nightmare —

and when I wake up, none of this ever happened. Otherwise, I might as well live in China or Iran or North Korea, or any other fascist dictatorship; at least, they don’t pretend to be a “free democracy”.

Attorney General Michael Mukasey is demanding that Congress issue a new declaration of war so that anyone that this president or the next one declares to be an “enemy combatant” can be held indefinitely without a trial.

The new declaration of war would make the entire globe — including the United States itself — a “battlefield” where the president decides who will be locked up forever.

With only five weeks left in the Congressional schedule and only six months left in the Bush presidency, Mukasey’s ridiculous power grab should be laughed out of town. But given this Congress’ track record, the Mukasey proposal is no laughing matter. Especially because it also includes a cover-up of the Bush administration’s systemic torture and abuse of detainees.

I received the above information from ACLU, with the request to sign a petition urging Congress to reject the dangerous Bush/Mukasey plan. I did, and I hope you will too.


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