And while you are boycotting,

add the following companies who sponsor the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay:
Coca Cola,
Samsung, and

Its theme, “Journey of Harmony”, and its slogan “Light the Passion, Share the Dream” is a cruel hoax, given the fact that the torch relay includes an attempt to take the flame up Mount Everest from Tibet in early May. The Nepalese government has already forbidden any trekkers anywhere near the area until after the games.wwwreuterscom.jpg



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2 Responses to And while you are boycotting,

  1. artnexus says:

    Sure — I just did the survey — maybe I’ll write an entry about this, so people can find it. Good idea!

  2. alex kasper says:

    I opened a survey about the boycott of olympic games. When its finished, the results will be published on my site. Hope it is ok to promote the site here a bit to get a bigger size of opinions which will be more precise then (sorry for my bad english by the way).

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