Wet facts


Amount of water embodied in (required to produce) a slice of bread (liters): 40
An apple: 70
A hamburger: 2,400
Amount embodied in a glass of wine: 1
A glass of beer: 75
A cup of coffee: 140
A glass of milk: 200
Amount embodied in a sheet of A4 paper (210 x 297 mm): 10
In a cotton shirt: 2,700
In an Indian-made Tata Motors Nano automobile: 62,500
In a U.S.-made Chevrolet Malibu: 1,934,500
Amount required to produce one kilowatthour of electricity: 71
Typical consumption from one 10-minute shower: 95
From a year’s worth of daily 10-minute showers: 34,675
Daily human water consumption requirement (from food and beverages): 2.7-3.7
Yearly human water consumption requirement: 986-1,351

The above facts come from the Worldwatch Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to interdisciplinary research with its major focus on 1) sustainable energy and climate, 2) sustainable agriculture, and 3) environmental reform of the global economy. The website offers an amazing wealth of information; check it out.

Being vegan, I had to do some quick (and not terribly accurate) math: 1 LB of cheese needs about 8 liters of milk, which would use 6,400 liters of water. One hamburger uses almost twice as much water as the yearly requirement for one human.

I found the Worldwatch Institute through another interesting site: Ecological Buddhism, “A Buddhist Response to Global Warming”. Another website worth exploring.


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