Obama vs. Clinton –

– the latest spectator sport. Like the Patriots vs. the Giants, or the Red Sox vs. — oh, I don’t know. Or more like a boxing match, really. Alec Baldwin’s article in the Huffington Post, “Obama vs. Clinton: What Tips the Scales” is imbued with a cheerleader rhetoric which is reminiscent of Super Bowl frenzy, with spectators “inflamed with passion”. Baldwin’s clever dictum “What Mrs. Clinton has that Mr. Obama does not have, Mr. Obama can get. What Mr. Obama has that Mrs. Clinton does not have, she can never get” is true as long as he’s talking about fainting groupies, as my friend Peter observed.

Of course, for me personally all this is idle talk, given that I’m an alien who isn’t allowed to vote. However, I can have an opinion, so here goes: my first choice for presidential candidate would have been Dennis Kucinich. He is a vegan, considers the invasion of Iraq an illegal occupation, plans to end the War on Drugs, has voted against the impeachment of former President Clinton, and has submitted House Resolution 333, demanding impeachment of current Vice President Cheney. Of course, Dennis never had the faintest chance of winning the democratic nomination.

Next, I’d have picked John Edwards. He is against corporate greed and corporate power — perfect. He voted for the war, but has since then quite forcefully declared that he was wrong. I like people who can admit they made a mistake. And sure enough, he didn’t have a chance either — although I wish he wouldn’t have given up so soon.

Which leaves Hillary and Barak. Either one of them is vastly preferable to McCain or any other republican candidate, but that’s as far as my recommendation goes. Why people go out of their way to fiercely endorse one and bash the other, is beyond me. I’d give Hillary a slight preference; it’s about time there was a female president; plus, she is smart. But it drives me nuts when people state that they won’t vote unless their preferred candidate gets nominated. They might as well vote for a republican.

So, Alec, if you hope to defeat McCain, you better move your seat from the bleachers and stop watching a wrestling game. People inflamed with passion, like at a Rolling Stones concert? I don’t think so. How about some common sense and objective deliberation. I wish I could vote.


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