Swans may be monogamous and faithful but they’re NOT stupid, it seems… Petra, the famous black swan who lives on a small lake in Münster/ Germany, has finally turned her affections towards a creature more deserving of her love. For almost two years, she was smitten by a white pedal boat made out of plastic. She followed the swan-shaped giant everywhere, no matter how hard local zoologists tried to interest her in a more suitable companion.

swlove.jpg For the last month or so, however, she has been hanging out with a swan more her own size, with real white feathers and, one can rightfully expect, a heart. The locals call him Paul, although his sexual identity hasn’t been fully established — he (or she) is still too young to tell.

What could have attracted Petra to an object unable to recognize true love, even if it would hit him on the head? Maybe she was impressed by his larger-than-life appearance, making him look special and unique. Maybe he seemed to be the ultimate alpha-swan, and she dreamed of giant offspring. Maybe she liked his predictability and the fact that they never had an argument. Nevertheless, one can only congratulate her for finally choosing somebody less distant and aloof; somebody more capable of reciprocity. Even if “he” turns out to be a “she”.


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