An imaginary friend

petra1.jpgWhy one creature would love another with steadfast constancy without much reciprocity is anybody’s guess. Petra, a black swan who lives on a lake in Münster/Germany, bestows her affection and devotion upon a giant plastic pedal boat in the shape of a white swan, despite the efforts by local zookeepers to interest her in some handsome male swans. Ever since May 2006, Petra follows her love interest and can’t bear to be separated from him, even in the winter when the boat had to be taken out of the water. For the second year now, she will be allowed to spend the cold months together with her plastic boyfriend.

petra3.jpgWhile the real swan would actually enjoy a frozen lake, her fake lover might get damaged by the ice. But he doesn’t just overwinter in a shack out of the water, like the other vessels. Because Petra gets sick and distressed when she isn’t close to him, both she and her (probably lifelong) partner will spend the cold months in a pond at the local zoo.

Maybe this is real love, with all its possible delusions; I can’t say for sure…


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