Ya won’t believe it…

These headlines in the NY Times piqued my interest: Anti-Bush Sign Has Bridge World in an Uproar. I know of Ghost World, but had no idea where or what Bridge World might be. Turns out it might as well be on a different planet, for all it has to do with my world. But — there is at least one point where our worlds intersect, and it relates to criticism of the current administration. At the world bridge championships in Shanghai last month, the United States women team held up a sign that read “We did not vote for Bush” — as they explained later, in response to being constantly questioned about the war in Iraq, torture, etc. by the members from other countries. Now that, I DO believe. What becomes utterly mind-boggling is the response of the United States Bridge Federation that wants the women to be tarred and feathered. And why? Money, of course: “[Jim] Kirkham [who] sits on the board of the American Contract Bridge League, which accounts for a substantial portion of the federation’s financing, … has submitted a proposal that would cut the league’s support for the federation”. He asked for the women to be punished.

Waterboarding, maybe?


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