Brian Bondy’s Strumpets

strumpet21.jpgA peculiar bunch of female individuals has assembled on the walls of the Maya Art Café in Abiquiu/New Mexico. Less than a foot tall and made out of clay and salt cedar sticks, they adorn themselves with little more than hats, beads, baubles, trinkets, an occasional feather, — oh, and boots, sometimes. However, their appeal is unrelated to Playboy centerfolds or Hollywood hot-chick glamour. No silicon implants, face-lifts, or botox injections here. What makes these strumpets so touching is the fact that they reveal their souls while baring their bodies. Stubborn, funny, fiercely independent, brash, opinionated, but also sad and depressed, they don’t hide behind the ordinary and conventional. They have the courage to show their vulnerability.

Within the scope of Abiquiu’s predominantly South-Western art scene, Brian’s strumpets offer a fresh breath of originality.

Maya Art Café
Junction of Hwy 84 and 554, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Show through November 2


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