Tibetan view of Beijing Olympics in 2008

lhadon_thumb.jpgI’ve added a new blog to my blogroll, Beijing Wide Open, which is being published by Lhadon Tethong, a Tibetan woman who was born and grew up in Canada. She is the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet International, an organization that is part of the Tibetan independence movement.

Lhadon visited Beijing and China one year before the beginning of the Olympics, in order to send a message to the world exposing the Chinese government’s use of the Games to obscure the brutality of its occupation of Tibet (see my entry from 7/10). With courageous honesty, she reports about forced evictions in Qingdao for example, only to have Chinese government agents snooping around the SFT’s Headquarters. On the day of the one-year countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympics she and a colleague were detained by Chinese authorities. They were taken to a local police station for questioning, and, if I understand correctly, were not allowed to Tiananmen Square for the festivities. Instead, they were put on a plane and flown to Hongkong, after one week in China. So much for the government’s proclamation of the Olympic ideals of peace and humanity.


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