Bon voyage, my friends!

hummers01.jpg Some are already packing up. I had just bought one more feeder; they must have been inviting friends and extended family, because every year since I moved to New Mexico there were more hummingbirds staying over the summer. I could tell they were starting to complain about the lousy service though — by mid-afternoon, the feeders were empty, and I picked up disgruntled vibes. So I got a new one, and everybody was happy, but there’s fewer birds now… Apparently, they’re heading back to warmer winters anywhere between Mexico and Panama. According to, it’s not the temperature that makes them want to leave, but the shortening hours of sunlight (there may be many more factors involved; they haven’t been researched all that much. Hopefully it’ll stay that way, instead of the little creatures being bogged down with radio-transmitters and tags etc…). I remember from last year — by mid-September, they’re all gone. I’ll miss you!


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