Alabama 3

My friend sent me a video clip of the intro to “The Sopranos”, the HBO series which I had never seen because I don’t watch TV. The theme song “Woke up this Morning” by Alabama 3 made me an instant fan of this band that mixes country, blues, techno, gospel, acid house, punk, etc. with darkly humorous, biting, irreverent lyrics. No, they’re not from Alabama but from Brixton/UK. Cultivating a totally fake “Deep South” accent, they sing the songs of life’s outsiders and produce the sounds of history’s outlaws, somewhat in the spirit of Johnny Cash.

If you happen to travel to England and/or Ireland within the next few months, check out the performance schedule at their official website. Here’s another song of theirs:

And about “The Sopranos”: I rented a few DVD’s, because I was curious to find out whether I had missed anything. I happily report that this is not the case. While the acting is excellent, it’s a tedious, repetitive soap opera about greedy, violent, brutal, corrupt and adulterous gangsters. They’re also Catholics, so their wives can’t get a divorce. Actually, the women seem sadly addicted either to the abusive relationship or to the luxurious lifestyle their husbands provide, so they don’t want a divorce anyway.

I felt emotionally manipulated because I was made to care for characters that are objectively despicable and depraved. Even Hitler was nice — so what. Don’t try and make him likable because he gave Christmas presents to his friends.


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