Oh, the sweet taste…

hummer2.jpg Every year during the warm months, from mid-April to mid-September, I buy tons of sugar. More than five pounds a week, of the white, cheap kind — for the hummingbirds. If I calculate 25 weeks at 5 LB/week, that brings me to 125 LB — which sounds like an awful lot for a single person to consume in six months.

This made me wonder — the researchers who calculate the annual per-capita consumption of foods (62.8 LB of cane and beet sugar, for the year 2005) — do they take into account the huge amount of sugar people feed to hummingbirds in the summer?

Almost everybody I know around here has at least one hummingbird feeder. And then there are Hummingbird Havens, mostly in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, some of which attract thousands of birds every day.

That should change the sugar consumption numbers… Maybe Americans consume way less sugar than thought, and it’s the hummingbirds that drive the numbers up… Just a thought.


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