ph2007062101459.jpgMaybe you don’t read the Washington Post regularly, but you’ve wondered: how in the world can a guy who has trouble pronouncing words with more than four letters; who listens to God and claims to understand what He says; who probably ruined his brain with alcohol; in short, the President of the United States — how can such a person shred the Constitution. A carefully, beautifully crafted document which clearly declares its intentions with the first three words: “We, the People…”. A document that was written in order to safeguard our liberties and rights.

The Washington Post offers a detailed answer with a four-part series about the “Man Behind the Curtain” — Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency, looking at the history and background of the unprecedented power and influence available to the Vice President. It took Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman over a year to put his documentation together, covering “Working in the Background” (Part 1), “Wars and Interrogations” (Part 2), “Dominating Budget Decisions” (Part 3), and “Environmental Policy” (Part 4).

Even such an in-depth analysis of Dick Cheney’s political profile doesn’t cover everything — for example, the war-profiteering and corruption issues around Halliburton and its subsidiaries are left out. Truthdig’s report The Banality of Greed fills the gap and illustrates that, ultimately, this country is ruled by a corporate plutocracy concerned with billion-dollar profits. The Constitution is for wimps.


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