Three-mile wall in Baghdad

I grew up in Germany, when a wall divided East- and West-Berlin. Its purpose was to keep people from leaving the Eastern part and move to the West. Ultimately, it failed miserably and only created countless tragedies as people jumped from windows, dug tunnels, or hid underneath cars in order to escape, more likely than not facing certain death. Building walls seems a poor and highly unsuccessful strategy for keeping people either in or out. I believe this to be true for the wall the Israelis are building in the West Bank, the “Wall of Shame” across the US-Mexico border, and for the latest US solution to Iraq’s civil war: a three-mile wall.

According to the Guardian Unlimited, the wall “is being built round the biggest remaining Sunni enclave on the east bank, at Adhamiya”. A US military press release claims it “…is one of the centrepieces of a new strategy by coalition and Iraqi forces to break the cycle of sectarian violence.” However, the New York Times quotes a doctor in Adhamiya, Abu Hassan, as saying the wall would transform the residents into caged animals, and that “[T]hey’re trying to isolate us from other parts of Baghdad. The hatred will be much greater between the two sects.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid caused a storm in a teacup amongst Republicans and Conservatives when he said he feels the war is lost. The White House only reveals arrogance, stupidity, and callous conceit by denying the truth. Building a wall is a declaration of bankruptcy and failure that will add to the suffering and strife of the Iraqi people.


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