Wikipedia is anti-Christian and anti-American. HUHHH???

Yes, this is what Conservapedia claims — an encyclopedia for right-wing fundamentalists and anti-evolutionists which, according to their home page, “you can trust”. And, as SPIEGEL ONLINE reports, this isn’t the only site that sets the record straight about when and how the Earth originated: there’s also CreationWiki, an encyclopedia exclusively devoted to and written by creationists. While Conservapedia seems to dedicate most of its efforts towards slamming Wikipedia as a site that uses “C.E.” instead of “A.D.”, is dangerously liberal, and promotes an anti-Christian bias, CreationWiki addresses a broad set of subjects including evolution, science, and philosophy. However, every topic is presented from the slanted point of view of creationists. Not surprisingly, this offers some mildly amusing reading. Since I’m interested in epistemology, I checked out their entries and found some hilarious statements. I learned that Fundamentalism is a school of epistemological thought which is based on “[T]he belief that true understanding must begin with the acceptance of biblical and theological principles, and that science and empiricism are doomed to failure, because they do not rest on this first principle”. Why is this so? Because the Bible doesn’t err — pure and simple.

The entertainment factor rapidly wears thin though. Clicking through some links brought me to the site of one Phyllis Schlafly, a right-wing conservative who criticizes the current administration including the moron who sits in the White House as being too liberal. It’s a sad world…


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2 Responses to Wikipedia is anti-Christian and anti-American. HUHHH???

  1. artnexus says:

    Thanks for your friendly words.

    I agree, the general opinion on immigration and border issues is totally despicable. I grew up with a wall between East- and West Berlin, and ever since then I have a strong emotional reaction to unnecessary boundaries and limitations.

  2. wildiris says:

    Too liberal? Oh my gosh. I also read on someone’s blog yesterday a criticism of Bush letting the border between the US and Mexico become too lax and blurred. Huh? Can you imagine what it would be like if those people had the president of their dreams? I guess things could be worse.

    Just came across your blog while surfing here at WordPress, BTW, and I’m enjoying your posts.

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