UN Report on climate change

According to the as yet unpublished second part of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, the impact of past pollution and its effect on global climate change is more serious than previously thought, writes SPIEGEL ONLINE.

The already observable changes which the panel examined — some 30,000 data sets obtained from over 70 international studies — are almost exclusively caused by humankind and will have serious consequences impacting every part of the globe. “Radical changes and massive investment against global warming” will be absolutely inevitable, with some $16 billion being the projected cost for efforts to reverse the trend.

One would hope that the UN report will stimulate some decisive action, once it’s published. While I couldn’t find any recent and/or precise numbers for the cost of the war in Iraq, a Washington Post article estimated about $102 billion for the year 2006. One can only hope that the next administration will set better priorities.


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2 Responses to UN Report on climate change

  1. artnexus says:

    According to wikipedia, several hundred academic scientists work on the panel. Besides, even if this predicted global climate change is indeed “just a cycle”, plans to spend money on alleviating the certain suffering it will cause can hardly be called a “hoax”. The money squandered by the government ? Nah; I wouldn’t call that a “hoax” either; rather, an insane, irresponsible, deceptive act of delusion and hubris.

  2. GARRY SILLS says:

    Follow the money trail. All this is just a cycle for the earth. It happens about every 1600 years. The U.N.doesn’t do anything well, what makes you think they are experts on global warming? The whole subject is a political football cheered on by their head cheerleader Al Gore.Need I say more? Listen to the scientists not the politicians.It’s turned into a multi billion dollar hoax that can’t be stopped.

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